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About us

the Tools of Trade

At Aterian, we’re crafting the leading consumer product platform to efficiently scale brands that customers love

About us

the Tools of Trade

As the leading consumer product platform, we’re experts at scaling brands consumers love — and we’re growing more efficient all the time

OUR NAMEWe take inspiration from one of the first technologies to advance humankind, a sharpening implement used to craft other tools like knives and arrows

In the same way that the original Aterian industry paved the way for other groundbreaking innovations, our platform is designed to refine the technologies that power commerce in the 21st century

Our storyIn 2014, we founded our company with the belief that brands should be made for humans, not just marketed to them

Traditional marketing tactics rely on clout more than value. We set out to create consumer products that respond to needs expressed by shoppers, using data and machine learning to understand the customer journey.

Today, our roster of more than 2,000 products is growing all the time, supported by AIMEE™, our Commerce Operating System, and over 220 employees across the globe

Aterian by the numbers

Year founded
220 +
12 +
2K +

Boundary-pushing tools are built by boundary-pushing humans. Our team draws from a range of backgrounds to envision the future of products, together.

We are Aterian

Yaniv Sarig
Chief executive officer
& co-fOunder
Arturo Rodriguez
Chief finance officer
Michal Chaouat-Fix
Chief product officer
Penelopi Kosteas-Louca
Director of People
Pramod K C
Chief operations officer
Tomer Pascal
Chief revenue officer
Sascha Lewis
Chief marketing officer
Roi Zahut
Chief technology officer
Joe Risico
Chief Legal Officer, head of m&a, us
Fabrice Hamaide
General Manager, Head of M&A, Europe
Sam Appelbaum
Head of business development

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